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About The Moke

From British classic to Caribbean icon, Moke has become a symbol of fun in the sun.

Introducing Moke America: A 20th-century collectible car reinvented with 21st-century green-friendly electric power, available exclusively in the USA.

The Moke (rhymes with “bloke”) is far from a museum piece. Our street legal, electric car is versatile, carbon-free and efficient. It’s perfect for getting around your neighborhood, gated community or beach town. This upgraded version has more—more legroom, expanded trunk space, a kickin’ sound system and sex appeal. The Moke stays true to its roots while keeping its headlights on the future.

Electric or Gas Vehicle

Fully Customizable

Street Legal

Save the planet and your wallet! Moke is now available as an EV, as well as the original gas model (only outside the USA).

In 2017, the Moke was redesigned, mixing the classic look & feel with modern safety and convenience.

Choose from 12 colors, modern tech like stereo with USB & other features to make your own Moke.

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You’re going to love your Moke! To get started, select a model (electric or gas), an exterior color, stereo option and roof color. Roof and sides are included. 

Once selected, you’ll be taken to a checkout page to reserve your personalized Moke. 

The amount shown at checkout is 50% of your total purchase price, this is to reserve your vehicle. The balance will be charged upon delivery of your Moke. 

Once you've completed your reservation, a member of the Moke America Concierge Team will contact you with your order number, bill of sale and delivery details. Your Moke will arrive in 120 days.

What are you waiting for? Get started designing your own piece of history. 



Weatherproof Seats 
Stereo w/ USB Port 
14 Inch Alloy Wheels 
Front Bumper 
Power Steering 
EV Marked Components 
Front Bumper 
Backup Camera

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  • Durable Steel Construction
  • Front Wheel Drive
  • Backup Camera
  • Four Wheel Hydraulic Power Brakes
  • Three-Point Seatbelts
  • 14-Inch Tires
  • Spare Tire
  • Available in 12 Colors
  • Proprietary Charger
  • MacPherson Front Strut Suspension
  • Cushioned Seats
  • Power Steering
  • Steel Heavy Duty Roll Bar
  • Full Lighting Kit (Headlights and Tail Lights)
  • NHTSA Street Legal
  • Trunk Space
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2022 Moke America | Electric LSV


Motor: 60V Three Phase AC Electric Motor
Controller: 500 Amp
Horsepower: 7.5 kw
(Rated): Peak 20 hp (14.9 kw)
Max Torque: 95 NM
Transmission: Front Wheel Drive 4x2
Gear Selection: Forward/Neutral/Reverse
Gear Ratio: 12:1
Battery: 10 6V Premium Maintenance Free
Battery Type: AGM
Battery Capacity: 12kw
Charging Time: 8 Hours
Endurance Mileage: 40 Miles
Charger: High Frequency Onboard Charger, 120v 16-amp high frequency
Complete Light Kit: Included Standard
Steering Mechanism: Self-Adjusting Rack & pinion with Power Steering
Chassis: Rust Inhibitor Coated Steel Frame

Suspension (Front): MacPherson
Suspension (Back): 
Trailing Arm
Hydraulic Four Wheel
Front Disc/Rear Drum
Parking Brake: Hand Lever
Body (Front, Rear & Finish):
175/60R14 DOT Rated
89” Inches
Overall Height: 
61” Inches
Overall Length: 
131” Inches
Overall Width: 
65” Inches
Curb Weight: 
2,200 Pounds
Ground Clearance
7.5” Inches
Track Width (Front): 
51” Inches
Track Width (Rear): 
53” Inches
Max Width (w/o Mirrors): 
62” Inches
Total Vehicle Capacity: 
3,000 Pounds
Up to 25 MPH
Max Gradeability: 
Seating Capacity: 


2022 Moke America | Electric LSV

Moke America is thrilled to announce a new Lithium battery upgrade, exclusively available for our Mokes.

We have partnered with Summit Battery Group to create a custom-fit, exclusive battery pack that will extend the drive time of our Mokes. There are two high-performance lithium battery packages available: Add 50-miles or 75-miles of range, depending on which option you choose. These lithium batteries are powered by Summit Battery Group and come with an 8-year warranty.

The Moke is a Low Speed Vehicle (LSV), and reaches a top speed of 25 mph, allowing it for use on city streets with a posted speed limit of 35 mph or less. Moke America features a steel chassis, hydraulic steering, headlights, windshield wipers, rear trunk, a parking brake, backup camera and AGM batteries with a 40-mile range. Upgrade your range with a choice of two Lithium battery packages, which extend the Moke’s time between charges to 50 or 75 miles.